Meet New Friends in 3 easy steps!
1 Register
2 Find people and add their FCs
3 PM them and ask to be added

Welcome to AddMii.com, the first Friend Code Repository.

On AddMii, you’ll be able to register your Nintendo Friend Code, meet and connect with other players from around the world.

Registering is easy: just fill in the registration form, and don’t forget to add your Friend Code. As soon as you confirm your registration, you’ll be able to post on public boards or send PMs to other users. And if you add your Mii as your avatar, it will be easier for other users to recognise you!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf players will notice that there is a profile section especially dedicated to their favourite games. You’ll be able to add your Dream Address, your native and extra fruit, the name of your character and town. If you’re looking for rare items, just post your request in the boards.

Register your account on AddMii now, and start making the best of your Nintendo Experience!

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